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LTHL WPN started in 2022 with a desire to elevate real stories.

We avoid conventional documentary styles to take our films into more creative and cinematic realms, to engage and inspire our audiences. Our debut short documentary "Sensoria" about a multi-sensory artist was selected for a number of film festivals including the London International Film Festival and Brighton Rocks as well as being nominated for Best Short Documentary at Brighton Rocks.

Our follow-up short documentary "Silvi" is about a BMX racer looking to compete at the Olympics games whilst pushing against the prejudice of competing in a male-dominated sport. It's due to go to festivals in the latter half of 2023.

Also, our first feature-length documentary is in pre-production as of Summer 2023.


Sensoria (Short Documentary)

Sensoria (Short Documentary)

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Here's the film festivals that have
selected Sensoria to be screened/featured:

London Lift-Off Laurel

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