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LTHL WPN started in 2022 with a desire to elevate real stories.

We avoid conventional documentary styles to take our films into more creative and cinematic realms, to engage and inspire our audiences. Our debut short documentary "Sensoria" about a multi-sensory artist was selected for a number of film festivals including the London International Film Festival and Brighton Rocks as well as being nominated for Best Short Documentary at Brighton Rocks.

Our sophomore documentary "Silvi" is about Olympic BMX Racer hopeful Silvi Vargas and the adversity she’s faced competing as a woman in a male-dominated sport. After learning about Silvi's remarkable journey, her story resonated with me and I was impressed by her strength and persistence. Her commitment to the sport she loves, not only to succeed for herself but also to blaze a trail for others to follow, was inspiring. Also, her coaching, to help give other women the visibility and support to get involved, is invaluable. I followed Silvi’s journey for two years and hope I’ve been able to do her story justice.


Silvi (Short Documentary)

Silvi (Short Documentary)

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Here are the film festivals that have selected Silvi to be part of their program.

Sunderland Short Film Festival Laurel
London Renaissance Film Festival Laurel
Short to the Point Film Festival Laurel
Lift-Off Film Festival Laurel

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